Center of distortion- speed painting

Center of distortion- speed painting

14 May 2009

Yesterday I have had my all-important math exam. I was preparing the whole year to this. A row of sleeples nights finally comes to an end. I needed to relax a bit so I grabbed my pen tablet and started to doodle. And here it is- my speed painting with process’ steps. Its original name is “Obszar wyobrażania się” but I think it would be too hard to read for some of you so I’ve changed the name.

Last time I was working on the sketch base. Here the sketch is just made only to help me in composition. All the painting tooks about 30 minutes, maybe a bit more, I wasn’t checking, ‘couse I didn’t create this in one flow.

Step 1
As always in the very first step I am placing a light source. Here’s the sun in a phase of sunset. This sketch won’t be shown in a final result. I will delete it when It wouldn’t help me anymore. You can see a lack of details and chaotic lines, but it doesn’t matter…


Step 2
Here I’m placint the basic colors. All is made with eliptical brush (hard and soft). The sketch’ frame is pretty useful in painting. I also added a bit (really, a bit) of texture. Also I tried to make grungy transition between grass and trees (green and orange splatters).


Step 3
Here I just light up the stones. Not a lot of work, round brushes again.


Step 4
Here I used some texture brushes to create trees and some imitation of waves. I also brighten grass a bit by giving it light and shadows and a small line of ground that cut it out from water. I’m not quite sure, but I think that all brushes I used you can find in basic brushes in photoshop.


Step 5
I create more light on the sky, put a texture and main thing- reflection in water. It is just cutted out upper part of image, rotated and a little distorted. I used smudge tool with some grungy brush to make reflection a bit blurry.

texture and lights

Step 6
I embellished colors- that’s the main thing. Lights and shadows are even stronger. I also tested my new brushes for clouds and texture. Now it’s time to cut out image from sketch frames. The blue light stream is nothing more than three pen moves (one, strong with hard brush and then two with bigger and softer). Remember about reflection.


Step 7
From now it’s all about details. I hadn’t a lot of time to improve this image. You can see my undone water sticks and doodles on the clouds. If you will look closer you will se some changes in water reflections and ripples.


Step 8
Clouds aren’t interesting with those bright lines. Also the water ripples are far too messy. In the last step I decided to blur whole image a bit and make it more greener (you will probably won’t see that without comparison with Step 7). Oh well, that’s all, have a nice day.

final preview


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  1. Jens Heinrich says:

    Du skal aldrig stjæle Plettner og Thinh Tan igen!

  2. Majk says:

    you’re accusing me of stealing? well, If you had wrote that in english, it would have been more intelligible… Anyway- that’s funny.

  3. Thomas says:

    Very nice work, much more exciting than the usual stoic, boring landscape. Brilliant work.

  4. wow. in starting i was wondering what are you doing but the result was very marvelous. Thanks for sharing. i will try this at Home :D

  5. Printing Fan says:

    Great job! I have a friend that draws a lot and when he shows me his stuff he does those little sketches in the beginning too. I could never get a grasp of making sketches but the process looks so cool.

  6. Hi there :). I don’t know if you remember me, but i was visiting you from Denmark some time ago now :). I just found your pictures, and i already got amazed again :D. How are you doing by the way :D?

    • Maciej Kwas says:

      Hello Dennis, I’ve just read your comment on my blog again and realised that you have typed fake e-mail address on which I replied in the past. Thanks for support :> Yeah- surely- I remember you. As far as I know you were here with Peter, right?
      Now I’m finishing my examination session on university and by now I can say that I’m already on second year for I did my exams pretty well :) Write me back on e-mail.

  7. That looks totally awesome. I wish I had those kind of skills for just “doodleing”. I really couldnt imagine that, that would be the final outcome of those simple colors. Ill try and do this, but I suck at it. Thanks for the “tutorial”.

  8. Christian Louboutin says:

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  9. Misiaczek says:

    Dude! Find something to help with spamming inside the comments, please! A lot of those responses are fake :/ .

  10. Maciej Kwas says:

    Yeah, i didn’t noticed them since they have passed somehow my anti-spam protection. It’s old post and I rarely look into comments section here. Thanks.

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