Photoshop tips & tricks you probably never thought about – enhanced navigation

Photoshop tips & tricks you probably never thought about – enhanced navigation

26 December 2010

In this serie I will show you how to speed up the workflow in photoshop. We will rise the limits- I hope. To the point- one of my friends asked me how to navigate the document with his mouse scroll button. It’s commonly named panning. With scroll up/down we can active zooming in preferences, but the button isn’t used at all as far as I know. And I wasn’t able to set any action to it in hotkeys panel. This kind of navigationg is offered by AutoCad from Autodesk and it is really, really useful. The basic Photoshop way of panning the document is hand tool. We will try to achieve something more in this topic.

First thing – Navigator

Be sure that you have it in your side panel. It is really useful while painting. Besides the fact that you can navigate the document, you have a look-up on the whole art. It’s numer one for digital painters. However, it was working a bit different in Photoshop CS3 (I mean- better) than it is now in CS4 or CS5.

Second thing – spacebar

Yay, the old trick is here. It doesn’t matter which tool you have active at the moment. Just press spacebar and it will change into the hand tool. After releasing the spacebar your tool will fallback to previous one. It is very helpful and pretty fast- however, there is even faster way…

Honey is here

We will try to make use of the scroll button in our mouse. First of all, we will need to get some mouse button control software. I recommend this one for I am using it. After installation go to the setup of this program and choose the following:

And type this in the input:

That’s it. Try it out in photoshop : )
Happy navigating.

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  1. thilini says:

    it’s very useful,and thx a lot

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